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Commercial Property Development Finance Options

commercial property development

It takes a lot of money to kick-start a commercial property development project. Any perceptive businessman knows that using personal money to fund such a big venture is a risky and impractical move. Instead, they use a variety of secure funding options. If you are planning on getting into commercial property development, you should know what funding solutions are available.

Traditional Options

The most obvious funding source you can try first is commercial mortgage. Banks have sufficient reserves to finance big and small commercial property development projects. Expect the application process to be tough, though. Banks are notorious for their stringent terms, and there’s a pretty simple explanation to that. Like you, they also want to eliminate all possible risks to make sure their investment will pay off. This is, in fact, why many borrowers fail in their application and are forced to go for alternative funding solutions.

Asset-based lending is also a good option, i.e. if you have a sufficient asset to use as collateral. You can offer your balance-sheet assets, accounts receivables, and inventory as collateral, although the amount you can borrow will be based on the estimated value of your assets. In case you accidentally run out of funds while your project is ongoing, you may apply for an overdraft, which allows you to withdraw money from your bank account even after you’ve emptied it.

All traditional funding options entail a high-standard application process. Generally, if a lender finds out that you have insufficient collateral, low debt-to-income ratio, no personal guarantees, deficient operating history, or poor credit, they would turn your request down right off the bat. Especially if this is your first project, it would require a pretty solid credibility to prompt a lender to agree to a commercial property development finance.

Alternative Solutions

In case you fail to comply with the basic requirements of traditional financing programs and aren’t granted the loan for your project, don’t worry because there are other options that you can try. Companies like IBN Direct offer alternative property development finance solutions to property developers at more manageable terms. They help businessmen still obtain financing despite being unsuitable for traditional financing.

Alternative funding solutions providers have a vast network of funders that are ready to lend money to commercial property developers. Their funders do not implement strict application guidelines, and so borrowers can easily obtain funds without undergoing meticulous scrutiny. They can even lend you up to 70 per cent of the entire fund you need for your project.

Worried that your documents may not suffice you application for alternative funding? Or do you have distressed assets and major arrears getting in the way between you and the commercial property development finance? An alternative funding solutions provider can help you with those. They will provide all the support you need until you fully qualify for alternative funding for your project.

When it comes to securities, alternative funding solutions providers are quite more lenient than traditional lenders, too. They are okay with offices and office blocks, industrial units, factories and warehouses, retail shops, residential unit blocks, vacant land, and some specialised securities as collateral. If you have assets that don’t belong to the category, they would make sure to present you with work-arounds.

Knowing how to get a loan for property development is key to your success. Nonetheless, alternative funds are off the grid of standard financing. Therefore, the risk of getting ripped off is higher than in traditional financing. This is why you have to be careful when choosing a provider. Make sure to turn to a trusted company like IBN Direct.

The Guide to Being Successful in the Retail Industry


If you’re considering a career in the retail industry, there are two things you should know first. The first thing is that you’ll have to work extremely hard to achieve a successful business that is worthy of excellent market value. The second thing is, you’ll need a lot of patience before you can get to where you want to be.

Currently, the retail industry is experiencing a major shift, which includes substantial development. The shift involves the customer having an in-store experience, which has turned into an online experience.

You can now instantly shop anywhere you like, as long as you have access to some digital device and the internet.

Since the internet has created such a fast-paced and prominent presence for the retail industry, it’s no wonder that more retail stores are closing each year and with the continued growth of technology, it’s something that will continue to increase even more.


Tips for Being Successful in the Retail Industry
• Don’t focus on having a physical store only. Since your customer is everywhere, you should make sure that you are present everywhere from offline to online. Having an online presence that ranges from your website/ e-commerce store to your social media and business networks, you’ll be able to reach all your customers, rather than just those who visit your store.
• Focus on combining the digital space with the physical space. It’s not just about online networking and making sales anymore; if you have more than one method of selling your product/ service, chances are you’ll sell a lot more than you would than just having one sales platform.
• Customer experience is more important than the range of products you’re selling. It’s important to focus on what your customer is looking for, while at the same time being aware of how good their overall experience at your store is and not just that, but also focus on whether you can provide a better experience to them altogether. If you find ways that you can improve their experience at your store, be it online or offline, you should implement it.
• Connect customers to your brand. Be sure to invest in your brand and ensure you have a way to connect with your customers on a more personal level. It has been proven that people appreciate brands who go out of their way to personalise and include their customers, are far more successful than brands that don’t engage in any customer experience or care.
• Make your products easily accessible and offer exceptional delivery services, as well as low fees when it comes to services such as delivery, your customers are sure to love you for it.

The Significant Difference Between the Industrial and Consumer Goods Sector


When comparing two of the biggest sectors in the world, the industrial goods and consumer goods sectors are no stranger to contributing to extremely large parts of the economy annually.
If the industrial sector is responsible for the manufacturing and sales of everything from the world’s machinery, manufacturing materials, plants and other tools or components used by other major industries and firms, then it is quite understandable as to why it is considered a crucial sector. It is especially true in the development of technology.
The consumer goods sector is also considered a crucial sector in the world of trading as it accounts for the majority of human resources, such as food, clothing, as well as the production and manufacturing thereof.

What are Industrial Goods?
Based on the demand for industrial goods, which is in fairly high demand all over the world, there are two categories in which industrial goods fall under to balance out the industry.
It includes production support goods, as well as final consumer goods, which is industrial products, such as equipment, and machinery. If you take a look at sectors surrounding the industrial markets, you’ll come to find that without it, many industries will fail and not be able to implement modern day technology or innovations, as it did in the last few centuries.

What is Consumer Goods?
The consumer goods industry can be described as tangible commodities, which is most often produced and sold in retail stores to suit the needs of the buyer, which is also known as the customer.
These goods are classified as both durable or non-durable goods, as well as consumer services.
Durable goods refer to things such as furniture, cars and equipment for your garden. If these durable goods can usually be sold within the period of three or more years, it gets taken out of the store or placed on sale.
Non-durable goods include products that can be used immediately such as food and beverages. What most consumers don’t know, is that it also includes clothing.
When it comes to consumer goods, imagine any intangible product or service that still render a profit, even though a physical product isn’t being sold. These include your local services such as a car wash, an appointment with your hairdresser, your dentist, doctor or any related service purchased from a business.


The Importance of Industrial and Consumer Goods
In a nutshell, there is a big difference between these two types of goods. Both of them concludes to industries of their own and contribute to the economy in a big way.
If neither of these industries existed, the entire population of the world would still be caught up in the way people lived a couple of hundred years ago. Other than that, there would also not be any development in humankind regarding equipment for specialities such as medicine, education or even economic growth as a whole.

How to Apply Good Customer Service


If you think about the goods and service industry, what generally first comes to mind is customer service, which is an incredibly important aspect of any B2C sector.
Customer service usually revolves around the services a business provides to a customer or client either before, during or after a purchase of a product or service has been made.
Businesses must strive towards achieving a better customer service experience as this will increase their sales and allow them to achieve greater results regarding their sales and relationship with customers.
Achieving good customer service can lead to customer satisfaction, which can improve your sales and thus improve the profit and standard of your whole company. It will also allow for a good reputation, which could potentially even allow for a bigger customer base in the future.

The Importance of Customer Service
Customer service can do many things for your business. To start with, it can improve your customer platform and allow for a sense of reliability in the workplace. It can also increase the probability of which customers and clients either buy products from you or makes use of your services.
Another reason why it’s important is that it can significantly increase the amount that customers spend at your store/ on your brand, rather than that of your competitors.
Good customer service will also allow you to build up a good reputation and decrease existing barriers to obtaining loyal customers.


Which Customer Service Skills Should You Implement in Your Business?
There are a few things that need to be paid attention to when applying customer service in your business.
You must follow up with your clients/ customers on a prompt and regular basis, treat your customers with respect, process complaints and returns in a professional manner, try and exceed your customers’ expectations as far as you possibly can and understand what your customer is looking for.
Good customer service also includes the ability to go above and beyond when it comes to assisting your customers, and they most definitely appreciate it.

Provide Better Customer Service Today
To maintain a proper relationship between you and your customer, you have to be of service to them, both online and in person.
Face-to-face, you can improve your customer service by greeting your customers and asking them whether they need assistance, checking on them regularly and knowing your products so well, that you can provide them with instant answers or recommendations.
Online customer service is another crucial element to maintaining proper relationships between your business and your customer.
It includes answering your business email as fast as you can, as well as providing your customer with proper answers. One can also add a live chat and feedback system to your website, as well as your Facebook page. It allows for greater availability should they require assistance, you should publish important information on your social media and web pages, as well as keep it up to date and finally, keep a directory of your customers to check up on their shopping experience regularly.

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